Seminar 1 – 20th January 2012

Speaker: Dr. Robert Thurlby
Strategy & Consulting Director, Serco Technologies

Risk and Resilience Assessment

ABSTRACT – This seminar is designed to inform practitioners as well as academics on the application of System Dynamics for assessing risk and resilience of major utility projects. The contents: 1- Emergency Planning, Risk and Resilience: the Historical Perspective – The changes caused by privatisation and deregulation – The emergence of the Asset Time Bomb 2- Threats and Challenges Today and in the Future – The new threats to infrastructure and their potential impact – The problems of integration and interconnectivity 3- Responding to the Threats and Challenges – The structure of disruptive events – Modelling Risk and Resilience – Methods, processes, tools and applications – Using modelling and simulation to improve policy formulation and reduce threats 4- Demonstration – A system dynamics model of a Risk and Resilience evaluation and optimisation model developed for the Electricity Supply Industry will be demonstrated 5- Conclusions – Summary of why Risk and Resilience is one of the most important issues facing Utilities and other operators of the UK?s CNI and how system dynamics is helping these organisations to understand the issue in detail and develop strategies to deal with it effectively.

Labels: assessment, Civil Engineering, resilience, Risk, system dynamics
Event Organiser: Mahtab Farshchi (Senior Lecturer at London South Bank University)

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